Hanna’s senior pictures – Nebraska senior picture photographer

Seriously… so… awesome! I love to travel to shoot weddings, so when the opportunity came up to do some traveling for senior pictures, I jumped at it; especially for a chance to shoot out at a gorgeous location like Nebraska’s Niobrara River valley. Hanna’s family owns farmland along the river, and she’s spent a lot of time out in the fields and along the banks, so I let her lead the way a lot of the time, which was great. She took me to an old, abandoned farmhouse, some antique cars, and even into the river itself. She’s a dancer, and as soon as she mentioned that at our initial meeting, I knew I wanted to incorporate that into the session. When she mentioned the river, I had made the decision that I had to do this session, and I couldn’t be happier with the results.

The great part about it is that we ended up making a family trip of the whole thing, and so my wife, and two kids piled into our minivan and made the 5 hour journey together. The day after the picture session we all went tubing down the river. I’m definitely going back for the tubing again!


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