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  • Manijeh + Sina [engagement] – Lincoln, NE

    I’ve known Manijeh for a few years, and consider her a great friend. I only meet Sina late last year, but I’m pretty sure he’s one of my favorite people. It’s not too often that you have an exchange with someone that ends almost every discussion of music or anything else with, “No way! I […]

  • Tristan + Courtney [engagement] Lincoln, NE

    Daylight savings… oh how I loathe thee. Except for the fact that it makes it possible to go and do a shoot at the awesome Pioneers Park Nature Center. It closes daily at 5pm, which generally makes it unsuitable for most pictures, since that time would give horrible lighting during the summer. When life gives […]

  • Ryan + Kate [e-session] Lincoln, NE

    Ryan and Kate are both architects, which means they hold a special place in my heart. They are also super fun to be around, which made this such a fun shoot. The two of them are such a cute couple. I literally had to tell them to stop snuggling and kissing more than a few […]

  • Andrew + Carolyn [e-session] Lincoln, NE

    I’ve heard a lot from other photographers about how awesome the light is in California. After tonight, I beg to differ! I’m also pretty sure these two were one of my cutest couples ever. They were non-stop smiles, and had no problems being playful. They were also willing to do lots of walking to get […]

  • Anna + Scott [e-session] Lincoln, NE

    So I learned two things about these guys today. First, that they don’t mind having a little fun shooting in the rain. Second, that Anna can’t help but smile under any circumstances. I’m actually quite happy about both. I was really getting apprehensive about the weather rolling in, as the night before it had already […]