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  • Tristan + Courtney [wedding] – Louisville, NE

    It’s funny how quickly the weather changes here in Nebraska. I just took Tristan and Courtney’s engagement pictures a month ago, and it’s gone from 65° and beautiful, to 30° and gray. However, there was more than enough warm light inside the church and reception today. There was so much love and happiness shared by […]

  • Andrew + Carolyn [e-session] Lincoln, NE

    I’ve heard a lot from other photographers about how awesome the light is in California. After tonight, I beg to differ! I’m also pretty sure these two were one of my cutest couples ever. They were non-stop smiles, and had no problems being playful. They were also willing to do lots of walking to get […]

  • Abbie + John [wedding]

    A 40% chance of rain always freaks me out a bit on a wedding day. I’m sure the Abbie and John were feeling the stress too as the day creeped up on us. Saturday finally hit, and the skies were clear! It turned out to be a beautiful day. A little warm, but when you […]

  • Ashley + Chris [e-session] Omaha, NE

    Sunday started off with all of us being a bit nervous. It had rained hard the night before, and was continuing to mist all morning. Luckily this was just in Lincoln. Omaha was still dry, but the forecast said rain later in the day. We decided to move the shoot indoors just in case, so […]

  • Jon + Sarah Sneak Peeks