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  • Nikki and Aaron’s Omaha Nebraska wedding – Magnolia Hotel

    Nikki and Aaron’s Omaha Nebraska wedding – Magnolia Hotel

    I have absolutely adored working with Nikki and Aaron since the first time I met them. They are such great people, and they have always been up for trying out any of the crazy ideas that I’ve suggested. Their engagement session was posted here: http://www.jamesbitzphotography.com/nikki-and-aarons-lincoln-nebraska-engagement-pictures/ It’s clients like these that make me want to do weddings […]

  • Meagan and Joel’s Omaha Nebraska wedding

    Meagan and Joel’s Omaha Nebraska wedding
  • Ashley + Chris [e-session] Omaha, NE

    Sunday started off with all of us being a bit nervous. It had rained hard the night before, and was continuing to mist all morning. Luckily this was just in Lincoln. Omaha was still dry, but the forecast said rain later in the day. We decided to move the shoot indoors just in case, so […]

  • Congratulations Emily + Jimmy [wedding sneak peek]

    The day started out a bit chilly and overcast. It ended up being just right though. Emily and Jimmy ended up with such a beautiful wedding day! I had never been down to the Elmwood Park Grotto before. It was the perfect place for a ceremony like this. It reminded me of an old European […]

  • I was at the zoo… and they let me come home!

    Saturday my family and I took our yearly pilgrimage to the Henry Doorly Zoo in Omaha. This was the first year Evie was able to really appreciate the whole experience. She loved it! She ate a whole hamburger, and sampled mommy and daddy’s lemon smoothie. She even got to see her “fwafs” too. (giraffes)