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  • Elise [senior rep] – Milford, NE

    Elise has this little problem; it is almost impossible for her to not smile. Okay, that’s really not much of a problem. I generally try to get a few serious pictures every session, but I had to be very quick to snap them with Elise! It got up to almost 100 degrees during the shoot, […]

  • Tia [senior – part 2] Sunken Gardens – Lincoln, NE

    Tonight was the second half of Tia’s senior portrait shoot. I have to admit that she makes my work so easy. I love it when the poses come so naturally to someone. It was a bit of a struggle to get her to make a serious face every now and then, but she definitely let […]

  • Krissy [senior] – Lincoln, NE

    The light was amazing tonight! My job is so much easier when the sun hits everything just right, and tonight was no exception. Krissy has such a fun personality, and taking her pictures was like shooting fish in a barrel. It was hot, and I was pretty drenched by the end of the session, but […]

  • Alex [senior] sneek peek

    I can always tell I love what I do when I realize that I have no feeling in my fingers after a shoot. Nobody’s fault really, it’s just that brisk December air coming out in full force. Luckily Alex is a guy, and guys ,of course, never admit when they’re cold. I had a good […]

  • Nice break in the weather!

    I was worried all week. 50 degrees and rainy isn’t exactly the ideal weather to take senior pictures in, but we decided to go anyway. Strangely enough, it warmed up a bit and the sun came out shining from behind the clouds. It turned out to be an awesome day!