2009 in review

I simply don’t have room to post all of my favorite pictures that I took this year, but I thought that an end of the year roundup of a few pictures from my top list would be a nice thing to do, not only for all of you readers, but for myself. My blog is not only a home for my business, but it’s also a place for me to share part of my personal life, so I thought I’d include some personal images in the mix as well.

If I left anyone’s event out, I apologize. Don’t worry, this isn’t an end all be all list. I have many other favorite images from this year that just didn’t get posted.

 IMG_001IMG_002IMG_003 IMG_004         IMG_005 IMG_027          IMG_006 IMG_007 IMG_008IMG_010IMG_012         IMG_011 IMG_013         IMG_014 IMG_015 IMG_009          IMG_016 IMG_017         IMG_018 IMG_019 IMG_020 IMG_022         IMG_023 IMG_024 IMG_025          IMG_031IMG_026  IMG_028           IMG_021IMG_029 IMG_030IMG_032 IMG_033

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