Maddie’s senior pictures – Nebraska senior photographer

Maddie’s senior pictures – Nebraska senior photographer

I had a really great time shooting Maddie’s senior pictures. It always seemed like her hair, done by Iasan & Sebastian Studio Salon and her makeup, done by Gretch Eliz Artistry, went perfectly with every place we went. The lighting was spot on, and the temperature was just right. It’s awesome when everything comes together and I get to make some great art with another person.

redhead senior smilingpink dress outside of a storesmiling in front of a brick wallgirl smiling in front of fish wallpaper

Yeah, we pretty much had to stop and grab a few pictures in this elevator!smiling in a sunlit grassy fieldgirl in the woods laughing in the sun

This is why you bring friends along #smilesfordayssenior girl smiling under a willow tree

That red hair with the green leaves! The color palette doesn’t get any more perfect.senior girl standing in a lakesenior girl standing in a lake at sunset with ripplessenior girl under a willow tree standing next to a lakeredhead senior girl standing in the woodsredhead senior girl out on a country roadredhead senior girl on a country road with headlights behindredhead senior girl walking and sitting downtown on a bridge at night

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  1. May I please ask you where you took the pictures in the water?! We are looking for pretty water for me to stand in for my pictures cause I will be wearing a long dress in the water! Please!! Thank you!!

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