Tis the season… for food!

So odd story… I walk into the kitchen after dinner and I swear I smell chocolate cake baking. I ask Allison, and no, there’s no cake. Somehow though, this sensation triggered what must be some primeval cake gene we humans possess, and I was compelled to provide myself with such cake.

Now, I’ve never actually made a cake before. I know that’s kinda sad, but it’s true. No cake, ever… not even from a mix. I’ve made my share of cookies, but somehow the cake has alluded me all these years. I smell a challenge!

I went online and decided Google would know exactly what I’m after. I simply type “chocolate cake” into the search field. Lo and behold, the first result was this link: http://www.hersheys.com/recipes/recipes/detail.asp?id=184

This was a really easy recipe to follow, and I suggest making it yourself sometime. The nuts, chocolate chips, and powdered sugar were my own personal touch though. I’m all about presentation, and the original just wasn’t pretty enough.

One suggestion though. I was reading through the recipe a little too quickly and mistakenly put an entire stick of butter into the cake mix, where none was called for. Very tasty addition, but I’m afraid that’s what caused my cake to be a little flat. What you see in the pictures is actually a double layer cake.

Mmm…it was good.


chocolate cake, lincoln nebraska


chocolate cake, lincoln nebraska

One response to “Tis the season… for food!”

  1. Mmmm…cake.

    Well I am a little disappointed that you used a recipe, you keep your improvisational cooking cred due to the chocolate chips, nuts, and the errant stick of butter. Looks like good cake.

    PS: Could Evie BE any cuter?

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